About Us

From The Desk of The Directors

The more you let glamour become the basis of your LIVING , the more EASIER your LIFE gets .
We humbly extend a warm welcome to you all to join this extended BE BONNIE FAMILY today and become an integral part in the celebration of our achievement and success which has been possible because of YOU.

We extend our warm greetings to all of you and take immense pleasure to state, as a Company we believe in the importance of LIFE and essence of BEING BEAUTIFUL with esteemed clients. Keeping in mind, a dynamic need to rejuvenate human life again and again , BE BONNIE’S ethics and values will never change and our commitment remains to the customer to provide the highest quality of professional and feather touch services through natural indegrends, extracts, in a time bound and cost effective manner.

Our Customers and Business Associates are our biggest stake holders .We are delighted to share with you that with all our stake holders good wishes , we have stood in good stead. This has been possible because our company believes in sustainable growth through people’s support and customers satisfaction and optimal utilization of all our resources.

We have never hesitated to explore uncharted territory or to be pioneers in new ventures and create excellence. Our quality has evolved as a response to its commitment to customer satisfaction by identifying present and future requirements of our end users, by promoting the joy of self satisfaction, and by continually upgrading the quality of all our products and norms of customers’ desired standards of quality.

We practice balanced living through establishing long-term relationships, and through the personal pursuit of distinct value priorities.

Through enthusiastic leadership, strong business network support , thorough training and continuous innovation, our human resources have an environment from which to provide a level of customer service that sets the standard for the Nature’s Gift.

Our sincerest thanks and salute once again to all our consumers and each individual stake holder whose unstinted support and effort have contributed to making of BE BONNIE ,what it is today.


At BE-BONNIE Hair & Skin Salon, we seek to attain and sustain mutually rewarding relationships with clients, associates and peers, relying on open communication, trust and mutual respect. We commit to be an extension of marketing department of principal company like Aroma thereby creating awareness for products or services for Hair & Skin which are both innovative and offer best value for money to the customers.


To attain leadership position in Hair & Skin Salon in Eastern Region, and also initiate measures for setting up Pan India network. To provide excellent customer service & in doing that, we will continue to be profitable and grow at the right pace.